We are pleased to be OPEN, with a limited capacity in accordance with the state and CDC guidelines in Phase III part 1.

Please use the schedule below to reference this weeks event schedule. Please note it is subject to change. YOU MUST PRE-RESERVE your spot for any event or ice time. NO WALK IN'S ACCECPTED!

Please click to view FAQ about Stick N Puck, Freestyle, Public Skate, and Coaches Ice

Q:What is Free Style?
A: Freestyle is time for USFSA coaches and skaters to practice. You must be s USFSA member and agree to the Worcester Ice Center’s code of conduct to use this ice.

Q:What is Coaches Ice?
A: Coaches Ice is a time where Hockey Coaches can have private lessons with skaters on a shared rink with other coaches.  All skates must have a coach with them to skate.  Coaches and skaters must also sign a code of conduct before their first session.  (New as of January 2020)

Q:How much is Public Skate?
A: Admission is $5 per skater.  If skate rentals are needed, they are available in our skate shop (Profilers Edge) for an additional $5.

Q: Do you have skate aids for children who don’t know how to skate yet?
A: We do not have skate aids for rent at this time.

Q:Do you have a helmet my child can use?
A: No, we do not rent or have helmets for use.  You must bring your own from home.

Q:What is required for Stick N Puck?
A: A helmet and gloves are required for Stick N Puck.  Anyone under 18 years old MUST have a face-mask attached to their helmet.  FULL EQUIPMENT IS ENCOURAGED!

Q:Can I skate with my young child during Under 18 Stick N Puck?
A: Yes, one half of the rink is for “Parents N Puck’s”  You must play at the level of the children, no slap shots or fast skating allowed.  As a parent, you are there to assist your child only.

Q: Does the rink supply pucks?
A: We have a limited supply of pucks & can not guarantee they will be available at each session.  Please be prepared with your own for Stick N Puck.

Please email info@worcesterice.com for any other questions!  We are happy to help!